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Who writes this?

I’m Matt Tanner. For the past 15+ years I’ve been a founder, writer, manager, and builder.

Some highlights:

  • Built Mailchimp’s first manager training program

  • Helped King of Pops grow from 2 employees to 200

  • Co-founded Same Page HR

  • Advised CEOs and founders of companies like RoadSync, Layr, and Fullstory

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  • You’re intellectually curious. You prefer thought-provoking insights to superficial “LinkedIn takes”.

  • You’re a builder. You’re running a business—or you treat your career like one.

  • You’re action-oriented. You want practical frameworks you can apply immediately.

  • You’re analytical. You value arguments that are supported by data, case studies, or logical reasoning.

  • You value nuance and (attempts at) humor. You want to explore multiple sides of an issue; you appreciate comedy when it makes a complex topic more engaging.

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